Increase Your Pre-Service Revenue 


Increase Your Pre-Service Revenue 

Engaging patients with transparent pricing and bundled services



Wixcorp announced a solution integration partnership with MDsave, the nation’s leading online purchasing platform for healthcare procedures. This partnership integrates MDsave’s bundled procedures into the Wixcorp Redde’s cost estimator tool, allowing patients to see one guaranteed, upfront price for medical procedures prior to service.

With this level of visibility, the partnership between MDsave and Wixcorp empowers insured and self-pay patients with a clear understanding of their financial responsibility, all while achieving compliance with transparency legislation.

MDsave and the Wixcorp Redde platform provide a seamless, patient-focused revenue cycle management experience. MDsave provides an integrated view of fully bundled, instantly transactable procedures for uninsured, high-deductible health plans, or patients with denied coverage. The Redde platform is a cloud-based digital platform engaging patients early and facilitating their healthcare journey. The Wixcorp platform combines cost estimation (insured/self-pay), scheduling requests, registration and forms, and billing and payment plans.

See this combined solution in action!


Online Replay

We know your time is valuable, so here are many of the key discussion points that may interest you and how to get to them easily:
  • 00:10 – Start and Introductions
  • 02:02 – MDsave Platform Overview
  • 02:52 – Price Transparency
  • 04:14 – Wixcorp Redde Platform Overview
  • 04:50 – Single Service Solution for patients and healthcare administration team
  • 05:46 – Augmentation or Replacement of existing healthcare products – Enhancing the Patient Journey
  • 08:47 – Industry stats on patient confusion
  • 10:30 – No Surprises Act and Price Transparency workflow and regulations
  • 13:43 – The joint MDsave and Wixcorp solution overview
  • 15:06 – Insurance eligibility and verification in the estimator and included insurance companies
  • 17:43 – Platform demonstration – the Patient View
  • 22:16 - Can the health institution employees use this system too?
  • 23:19 – No Surprises Act hurdles we solve
  • 26:20 – Pricing for referring physicians not employed by the hospital
  • 27:57 – How do you prepay for a surgery?
  • 31:07 – The ten payment methods supported
  • 35:22 – Financial reporting
  • 35:54 – Q&A
  • Best Practices, Patient Journey, Patient Support, Healthcare Institution Support, Implementation Overview, Training, Patient Flow, Look and Feel, Where Does the Estimator Data Come From

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