The 7 keys to successfully migrating your phone services into Microsoft Teams



Dean Manzoori

Chief Technology Officer


Clark Atwood

Independent Technology Broker

CoreTech Brokers



Your company is already using Microsoft Teams. What does it take to make it your phone system?

While the conversion can be streamlined and made simple, it takes tools and experts to do so. Some companies have run into unforeseen complexities and challenges. Hear if your company may be at-risk for one or more of these challenges and what to do about it.

Our presenters have compiled their top 7 Keys every business should review before migrating voice services into Microsoft Teams

Attendees will also hear and see:

  • An overview of how Teams Voice Services are priced
  • How long distance and usage are handled
  • How the mobile phone app can help keep business, after your employee has left the company
  • How porting numbers to Teams works
  • How to move your toll-free numbers into Teams
  • The native Teams dialer versus third-party pop-up dialers
  • How Microsoft Teams Voice Services secures your remote employees voice services
  • If you need a desktop phone and how to select them
  • How to handle Fax, Alarm Lines, and other similar services
  • If you need or want to add contact center services
  • How to try before you buy Microsoft Teams Voice Services


Attendees should be

  • Executive Management
  • General Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • IT Management and Staff

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