Phone System Conversions to Microsoft Teams




One-on-One meetings with companies wishing to discuss conversion resources, support, processes, and costs.

There is no cost or obligation for this meeting.

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Microsoft Project Support

Consulting and delivery services specializing in Microsoft
365’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform

Microsoft 365 consulting services, change management, implementation support and more.

One-on-One meetings with companies wishing to discuss projects, support requirements, and costs.

Qualified and Certified Support for Projects include:
- Active Directory projects
- Messaging
- Security
- Compliance
- Data (including DLP)
- Collaboration (including Teams Cloud Voice and SharePoint)
- Migrations, M&A, and Assessments
- Identity and Security (including Entra)


Native Contact Center Comparison


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 Microsoft Teams or Non-Teams Environment?

Looking to reduce expenses? Want a more streamlined and seamless contact center solution? You are not alone.

Companies are looking for ways to consolidate their contact center costs without sacrificing quality Customer Experience or giving up features.

No sales pitch. We are providing companies valuable information in the hopes that when they are ready to refresh their contact center, or other technologies, that we might be considered as a source for those solutions.



Outsourced Contact Center Labor


Companies are struggling to fill contact center positions. Struggling to the point that they can't even fill the seat with "they might work out" level candidates. Attrition rates are also up. These items compound the already a big hole in staffing.

We bring hundreds of potential BPO options to the table to fill your staffing shortfalls.

IT Staffing and Support


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Let's discuss how we can add value and lower your budget for IT support in some, or all, of the following areas:

  • Managed desktops
  • Managed servers
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cybersecurity
  • Compliance
  • IT staffing
  • Managed Phone System
  • Native Contact Center
  • and much more

We save you many hours in the procurement process through our deep portfolio of technology service providers. We start with a one-hour discovery meeting to understand your business needs, then we get to work weeding out the providers that don't meet your criteria and finding the few that do.


Patient Engagement



Schedule a Discussion on Your Patient Experience Roadmap

Talk to your technology broker about what changes you would like to make in your patient experience. Hear what other companies are doing to make enhancements to their patient experience and how a purpose-built Patient Financial Experience (PFX) platform can solve your company's challenges in Patient Billing, Texting, Cost Estimating, Registration, Patient Forms, and Schedule Requests.

There is no cost or obligation.

Leveraging a Technology Broker


At the heart of what we do is listen and ask, 'what if' and 'have you thought about' types of questions. We are technology service brokers. We work just like an insurance broker.

We are a no-cost, high-value addition to our clients. We take much of the leg work out of the technology procurement process. This saves our clients valuable time by not having to engage multiple service providers and wade through the qualification process. We do this for you, at no-cost.

Schedule an introductory call with us and talk to us about your technology roadmap. We can offer solutions from the most common names in technology services, and many gems you have never heard of...yet.