Improving Patient A/R

CAH Billing Manager Panel Event

Improving Patient A/R



Brooke Taylor

Business Office Manager

Hospital Billing

Central Valley Medical Center

DeAnn Young

Business Office Manager

Clinic Billing

Central Valley Medical Center

Mindy Gale

Business Office Manager

Beaver Valley Medical Center

Eric Wixom

Co-Founder and CEO


Clark Atwood


CoreTech Brokers



Our Bill Manger Panel discussed the following - How did they:

  • Reduce the number of vendors and save a ton of money?
  • Implement a real-time platform for scheduling to auto-posting of Patient Bill Pay?
  • Reduce their outstanding A/R by 35% in just 1 year?
  • Convert 97% of their Payment Plans to being self-serviced by the patient?
  • Did they integrate a 3rd party solution into their EMR without incurring any fees?
  • Increase their Patient Portal utilization from less than 5% to over 20% in just 4 weeks?
  • Replace their manual insurance lookup which was time consuming and frustrating to an easy-to-use and fast eligibility and verification system?
  • Convert their archaic paper forms into more complete, easy to use Digital Forms?
  • Address Compliance with the Price Transparency and No Surprises legislation?


Managers, Officers, and Executives in the medical industry with responsibilities in the areas of:

  • Finance
  • Health Information
  • Billing
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Marketing

will find value in watching this event.


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