Industry Update: Contact Center Outsourcing


New CX drivers and updated reasons

to use a BPO in your Contact Center!




Andrew Griffiths

Jade Giesen

Clark Atwood


Our panel discussed:

  • Review past, present, and future drivers of Customer Experience (CX) including the top business reasons that companies outsource their contact center agents (either entirely or in a hybrid model with inhouse and outsourced agents)
  • Technology drivers effecting CX, contact center platform decisions, and outsourcing
  • No pitches, no company history, no logo slides – just industry updates and what other companies like yours are doing in CX and BPO solutions
  • A comparison of Customer Experience and BPO strategies for traditional (pre pandemic), today, and predict future drivers in these areas
  • New Key drivers for outsourcing contact center agents
  • Current companies that are or have changed their BPO relationship and the impacts on CX
  • How the relationship between client and outsourced provider is shifting
  • How is the move to Microsoft Teams Voice impacting decisions on Contact Center Solutions
  • What outsourcing can fix, and where it should not be your go-to solution
  • What does the future look like for CX, outsourcing and technology? Our panel will give you their predictions
  • In order of importance, what are the strategic moves companies are doing today in contact center that they were not doing 3 years ago


Attendees should be Managers, Officers, and Executives with responsibilities in the areas of:

  • Call/Contact Center Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Care
  • Contact Center Operational Labor Costs
  • Business Development


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