Boosting NextGen to the Next-Level Replay



Wixcorp developers worked with NextGen and spent hundreds of hours developing enhancements that will improve the NextGen environment. Here is a partial list of what you will see and hear:

  • Receiving patient payments in minutes instead of days or weeks. How does an 83% decrease in overall billing time sound?
  • System integration for taking and posting payments, reducing the time and energy needed to track patient payments.
  • Finally, an easy online and text-to-pay billing system.
  • Are your patients creating their own online payment plans? This allows your company to be flexible AND profitable. Plus, it greatly reduces efforts normally employed in the collections process.
  • How to achieve a 225% increase in online bill pay.
  • Patient access to digital patient forms and screeners from a mobile device.
  • How the credit card patients put on file for their copay can also be used for their payment plan after their appointment.
  • Consolidating tools to reduce expenses.
  • Scheduling is difficult for most clinics. How does your organization receive Appointment and/or Scheduling requests? 
    • By phone
    • Online
    • EMR Portal
    • Fax
  • What if patients had an integrated, easy-to-use, self-service scheduling option that they would actually use?
  • What if insurance verification was included with patient scheduling?
  • Does your current Online Bill-Pay TRULY auto-post to your EMR?



Attendees should be Managers, Officers, and Executives in the medical industry with responsibilities in the areas of:

  • Finance
  • Health Information
  • Billing
  • Revenue Cycle


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